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I'm Cécile.


I am a materials scientist and educator who values interdisciplinary research at the intersection of multiple fields such as chemical engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering. In May 2022 I complete my PhD in Materials Science and Egnineering at MIT in Prof. A. John Hart's lab. My lab at Northwestern University will focus on the development of textile manufacturing techniques that use sustainable approaches to integrate novel functionality.


I have hands-on experience with a variety of materials and engineering principles, ranging from metallurgy to polymer synthesis, and including such ostensibly disparate fields as chemical kinetics, optics and photonics, and mechanics. Over the course of my time in academia and industry, I have developed knowledge and experience in micro and nanofabrication, working in both cleanroom and wet-chemistry environments. I strive to draw from this breadth of experience to propose innovative devices and manufacturing processes.


Polymer synthesis, polymer chemistry, polymer mechanics

Composite manufacturing and mechanics


Optics and photonics

Multiphysics numerical and analytical modelling

Conflict management and interpersonal skills

Fiber and textile process skills (sewing, knitting, crochet, etc.)

Computational tools

Modelling/Computational languages: Matlab, Comsol Multiphysics, Abaqus (UMAT/VUMAT), Python

CAD: OnShape, Blender, Solidworks

Other softwares: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Cura


Email -

Please contact me for further information about my work, as well as a full resume. You can also consult my google scholar for a list of my publications.

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